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We deliver cutting-edge services in public affairs, PR, strategic management consulting, crisis management, digital marketing and digital sales.


Public Affairs

Public Relations

Strategic management consulting

Crisis management

Digital marketing and sales




Digital Due Dilligence
Have you successfully transformed your communication into the digital age? Our trained eyes will give you a diagnosis, and actionable guidelines.

We monitor your issues and stakeholders as well as the effectiveness of your communication, so that you have the intelligence you need.

Combining state-of-the-art digital resources with old-school journalism to help you get the answers you need.   


Public Affairs Strategy
Let us help you develop a strategy for your public affairs, using out proprietary digital tool Sunzi. Naturally, it works seamlessly with our digital analysis and tactics.

Corporate Communications
At the core of every corporation or organization lies a communications strategy, providing answers and guidelines for your everyday life.


Digital campaigns
24 hours or a full election cycle: we develop and carry out digital campaigns where you engage the right audience thru micro-targeting and A/B-testing.

Creative content
Our mission is to make your ideas contagious, by transforming them into creative content. The forms varies, but the results are far above industry-standard.

Influencer marketing
We've got an extensive network among influencers, especially within public affairs. Also, many in our core team are influencers themselves.


We take pride in delivering top-notch workshops, where we share our knowledge and experience with our clients and provide tactical tools.

Digital Academy
We've run four generations of Timbro's Digital Academy, and have trained 100 young opinion leaders in digital communication.

Media training
With 15 years of experience on the highest national level, we help key individuals become great spokespersons.